Victor Blockos is a minecraftian who has been a vigilante in Ambos city ever since his daughter was killed in a


hit gone wrong.

Relatives Edit

Victor's ex-wife is called Kay, and has a son called Jack and a daughter called Joan, who is deceased

Backstory Edit

Victor Blockos was once a bank robber and made numerous heists with his mentor and friend Mark Coalos. Mark had one rule: Only go for the emerald vault and never the diamond and gold vaults, which Victor followed and they would be out in 2 minutes, since the emerald vault door was made of cobblestone. However, during one heist, Mark became greedy and decided go for the diamond and gold vaults rather than just the emerald vault, breaking his own rule and taking more time then planned. After 30 minutes, the police entered the building, but Mark was too busy breaking the diamond door of the diamond vault. Victor, angry at Mark's greed, left him to be arrested. After that heist, Victor married a woman called Kay and had 2 kids, a son called Jack and a daughter called Joan. 9 years after the failed heist, Mark, having escaped custody, sent 3 hitmen to kill Victor. But the hit goes wrong, and 7 year old Joan is killed instead. Victor then left his family to keep them safe, and vowed to find the ones responsible for Joan's death.

Weapons and itemsEdit

Victor uses a diamond sword and a dispenser pistol that fires arrows. Victor also uses a redstone phone which enables Victor to hack into the Ambos city redstone network, which is called REDSTONE.

Known Kills Edit

Mike Cobbls: Stabbed in the throat in revenge for his role in Joan's death

Seargent Bill Sticks: Shot in the eye with an arrow

Will Barracks: Killed by a tnt Victor activated with his redstone phone in revenge for his role in Joan's death

Harry Stone: Knocked off a building in revenge for personally killing Joan

Mark Coalos: Severely injured by a car bomb Victor planted, then Victor finished him off by shooting him with 3 arrows in the back in revenge for ordering the hit that killed Joan.

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