10 000 year old Steve

Steve is a legendary Minecraftian and is the founder of The Order of Notch

Biography Edit

Steve is the 10 000 year old founder of The Order of Notch. Steve founded The Order of Notch to battle the evils in Minecraftia. Steve's arch-nemesis is the entity Herobrine, who is even older than Steve.

Beginnings Edit

Steve was once a farmer. His father was a legendary warrior in Steve's village. However, when Steve was 15, Steve's village was attacked by Herobrine. Everyone, including Steve's parents and sister, was killed and Steve was the only survivor. After burying his family's remains, Steve picked up a nearby ender pearl and said: 'I swear to battle the evils that corrupt Minecrafia and protect the innocent'. When he was 25, Steve was a soldier of The Diamond Empire, but left after 10 years when he discovered that the empire was working for Herobrine. Steve then founded the Order of Notch.

Appearance Edit

Before founding the The Order of Notch, Steve wore a light-blue shirt, dark blue pants and grey shoes. After founding the The Order of Notch, Steve now commonly wears Templar knight armor.

Gallery Edit

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