Max and Marcus Gretzers are twin brothers and members of The Order of Notch. They have been searching for their missing father.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Max and Marcus were both born in Myceria, an Order of Notch city. Their father Dreymas Gretzer was a well respected member of The Order of Notch and their mother Kylia was a simple house wife. Max and Marcus both wanted to follow in Dreymas's footsteps and become members of The Order of Notch. The brothers were inseparable and were always seen together. Dreymas taught them sword fighting and archery. Max and Marcus were quick learners.

The disappearance of their father Edit

When Max and Marcus were 11, Dreymas disappeared while on an assignment. For 5 months, search parties were sent to find Dreymas, but the only things found were his ruby swords. After 5 months, Dreymas was presumed dead and a memorial was built in his honor. However, Max and Marcus thought otherwise and strongly believed that their father Dreymas was alive. Kylia forbid Max and Marcus from training and discouraged them from joining The Order of Notch. Though, Max and Marcus still wanted to join The Order of Notch and they vowed to find Dreymas when they were adults.

As members of The Order of Notch Edit

When Max and Marcus were 20, they joined the order of notch against Kylia's wishes. The two were trained by Steve himself and were taught advanced archery, swordfighting and other things. After 5 months of training, they took the oath and became official members. The two participated in most battles and they became known to always have each others backs on the battlefield. But Max and Marcus still hoped to find their missing father Dreymas and reunite with him.

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