Dukus II Dias, or King Dukus, was once a ruler of The Diamond Empire .


Early life Edit

King Dukus was born to Diamond Empire ruler, Dukus I Dias. As a kid, Dukus lived a life of luxury as a prince and didn't care about anyone other than himself and his father. Dukus I often made Dukus watch suspected traitors being tortured, much to Dukus's delight. Dukus also loved to watch traitors being executed.

Death of King Dukus I and ascension to the throne Edit

When Dukus was 18, Dukus I was killed by Grey Harb, an assassin who was posing as one of Dukus I's bodyguards after Grey stabbed Dukus I in the stomach with a dagger. A month after the death of Dukus I, Grey was captured and sentenced to death. King Dukus had the executioner publicly tortured Gray by crushing his hands and feet. King Dukus then had Gray tied to 4 horses and then his arms and legs were torn from the sockets. King Dukus then has Gray's body hung at the main gate as a warning.

Having a family killed Edit

4 years into his reign as ruler, King Dukus suspected a skeleton family to be conspiring against him. As a result, King Dukus had the entire family killed. Little did he known that the only survivor, Skull Boneton, would swear revenge against him and eventually, kill him.

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