Cluckos at age 29

Cluckos is an elite assassin of the minecraft suited assassins league

Biography Edit

Cluckos was born in a chicken village. Cluckos's mother died giving birth. His father Beakon white was a legendary assassin of The Minecraft Suited Assassins League. When Cluckos was 10, Beakon was attacked by 3 assassins. Beakon was able to kill 2 of the assassins, though the third assassin shot Beakon with 3 arrows and escaped and Beakon later succumbed to his 3 arrow wounds and died in Cluckos's arms. Cluckos was then raised by The Minecraft Suited Assassins League. Cluckos was trained in sword fighting by former elite assassin and elder Pigun and in archery and unarmed combat by human elite assassin Mangus, who was also Beakon's best friend. Cluckos rose through the ranks, becoming an elite assassin at age 22, the youngest member to do so. Cluckos assassinated members of The Red Cross Organization, the enemies of the The Minecraft Suited Assassins League, over the years and also assassinated humans and mobs that were working for The Red Cross Organization.

Pigun's treachery and Beakon's killer revealed Edit

At age 27, Cluckos noticed that Pigun was acting suspiciously, especially when Cluckos informed Pigun that there is a traitor in The Minecraft Suited Assassins League. 2 years after noticing, at age 29, Cluckos soon uncovered enough evidence to confirm that Pigun was not only the traitor, but was the third assassin that killed his father Beakon. Cluckos then exposed the evidence to the elders and Pigun was to be arrested. However, Pigun attempted to escape being arrested, though he was pursued by Mangus and a vengeful Cluckos. Pigun then engaged in a fight with Cluckos. Cluckos defeats Pigun, but rather than killing him, Cluckos leaves Pigun to be arrested. As Pigun attempts to stab him, Cluckos turns and stabs Pigun in the chest, avenging his father Beakon.

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