Cluck is a former serial killer and a current member of The Order of Notch.


Backstory Edit

Cluck was a part of a nomadic tribe of chickenmen who earned a living as hunters, gatherers and traded with other species, including other chickenmen tribes and humans. Cluck's only friends were his younger brother, White, and his younger sister, Beaka. One day, when Cluck was 21, Cluck's tribe was attacked by a horde of armoured zombies, lead by Markus Shadow, a rogue member of The Order of Notch. Markus personally killed Cluck's parents and his siblings Beaka and White. After the massacre, Cluck confronted Markus and the two fought. Markus won, though rather than kill Cluck, Markus gave Cluck his cross shaped scar to remember the massacre of his tribe and allowed him to leave. Since Markus said The Order of Notch send their regards, Cluck thought The Order of Notch sent him, and vowed to kill them all and avenge his tribe and family.

Serial Killer life Edit

As a serial killer, Cluck killed a lot of The Order of Notch members for 10 years. Cluck had killed at least 150 people who were members of The Order of Notch. After each kill, Cluck would cross their arms, close their eyes if they were open and if he had decapitated them, he would place the head next to their bodies. Cluck wandered a lot on foot, only staying in a town for no more than a few days.

Becoming a member of The Order of Notch Edit

Eventually, when Cluck was 31, Cluck attempted to kill Steve. Steve, however, was ready for Cluck, and the two engaged in a fight. Despite Cluck putting up a good fight, Steve, being 10 000 years old, defeated Cluck and held him at sword point. When Steve asked Cluck why he was killing members of The Order of Notch, Cluck told Steve that Markus led a horde of zombies to kill his tribe, and that he personally killed his family. Steve then explained that Markus is really a rouge member. Knowing this, Cluck then joined The Order of Notch and rose through the ranks, becoming a general. Cluck became best friends with another member called Peter Mane.

Killing Markus Edit

When Cluck was 38, Herobrine sent Markus to kill Peter. Cluck, however, had anticipated this and just as Markus was about to kill Peter, Cluck burst in and engaged Markus in a swordfight. After 5 minutes, Cluck gained the upper hand and sliced Markus's stomach with his golden axe. Despite Markus's plead for his life, Cluck finished Markus off by decapitating him.

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